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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

How to vote at the
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Queensland, you made Labor pay the price for ignoring 2-in-3 of you who backed a Southeast Queensland Daylight Saving trial & referendum.

Their ‘out-of-touch’ party line decision to go about ignoring you on this very issue helped lead to one of their biggest election defeats.

The LNP is no better, so here's who to vote for
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Proof 2 Time Zones Work Well In USA and Canada

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DS4SEQ’s important advice on why now is the time to
contact your elected state MP:

So use our 3 quick and easy steps below
to contact your MP!

 Open a blank email using your email program.
 Copy and paste the text below into the body.

Dear (Your Local MP’s Name),

One of the very reasons behind my vote against Labor at the 2012 Queensland State Election was due to their mistake of ignoring an estimated 2-in-3 Queenslanders (myself included) who backed the need for a Southeast Queensland Daylight Saving trial with a referendum to follow.

The cost of a referendum (estimated to be with-in $12 - $15 million dollars) will in the long term, be far outweighed by the benefits worth billions of dollars over the years by way of Southeast Queensland observing Eastern Daylight Time.

So as my local member, I seriously urge you and your party not to continue making the same costly mistake as that of the previous Bligh Labor Government, particularly given the important benefits that Regional Daylight Saving (internationally proven to work) will offer all Queenslanders.


(Your Contact Details)



 Enter your details into the email.
  to find your MP's details, enter them in the email and then click send.


Thanks for emailing your State MP urging them to consider the important needs and benefits as to why we should trial Daylight Saving in Southeast Queensland.

Can you take a moment to share our website (www.daylightsavingseq.com.au) with your family and friends urging them to equally contact their State MP?

Simply share our website on Twitter, Facebook and by email to let them know.



QUT Professor explains dismissal of trial is a mistake.
Click Here
His Stimulus Findings:
-Shops open longer
-More sport &
health benefits
-Makes people happier and more productive
-Reducing SEQ’s
alarming road toll
and pressure on the
health system

Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Daylight Saving
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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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