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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time


Queensland's 2007 Nielsen Consultation Survey

"Understanding Attitudes Towards
Daylight Saving in Queensland"


What the politicians don't want you to know
and their fear campaigns since 2007's survey:



The Known Facts:

·         No political party will ever introduce state-wide daylight saving to Queensland.

·         The only option is regional daylight saving – This peaceful initiative works well in the USA, Canada and the UK.

·         NSW is a permanent dual time state with Broken Hill always being problem-free on South Australian time.

The 2007 Survey’s Key Findings:

·         The Government’s 2007 Nielsen research showed that 1 out of 3 Queenslanders under the age of 35 (and 1 out of 4 Queenslanders overall) had never heard about regional daylight saving.

·         2007’s research also concluded that “there is a general lack of understanding by Queenslanders of the reasons for introducing two time zones”.

The Premier’s Response Following this Survey:

·         The Bligh Government concluded on the basis of brief telephone interviews with 600 poorly informed residents of south east Queensland, that there was not enough support for regional daylight saving – See how 2010’s survey shows this to have changed significantly  

Then Opposition Leader Jeff Seeney’s Response:

“Regional daylight saving certainly has a lot of benefits and sooner or later I think we have to seriously consider how we ensure the people in south-east Queensland get those benefits" – ABC News October 4, 2007 (2 days after Premier Bligh’s decision)

The Question Queenslanders Then Put To Us:

·         How in 2007 did the Government expect Queenslanders to support regional daylight saving if almost half of them did not know about it or understand it back then?

Answer: They didn’t! So now is the time for the public to act following 2010's survey outcome!

Take Action Queensland!

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QUT Professor explains dismissal of trial is a mistake.
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His Stimulus Findings:
-Shops open longer
-More sport &
health benefits
-Makes people happier and more productive
-Reducing SEQ’s
alarming road toll
and pressure on the
health system

Queensland Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving News
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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

Your Right to Know Queensland's Daylight Saving Survey Results
2010 Get Involved Results
2007's Nielsen Report

Queensland Daylight Saving Time

Examine Our Impact Study Documents Showing Why South East Queensland is ideal for
Daylight Saving
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