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Rick Burnett on

and Daylight Saving
$aving Energy


Queensland Daylight Saving Time

How to vote at the
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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time



Queensland’s 2010 Consultation Survey proves they’re ignoring the big picture.

These ‘overall’ survey results call for a trial
and a referendum:

Do you think all Queenslanders should have a referendum on daylight saving for South East Queensland only?

63%   35%   2%

Should Queensland have a trial of daylight saving in South East Queensland before any referendum?

64%   34%   2%

The Premier and her own colleagues are exactly that!
Not people listening to the majority of Queenslanders.

Why vote to resolve Daylight Saving in South-East Queensland at the next State Election?

Because no major party will ever properly resolve the issue unless we force it upon them to do so, simply by way of voting #1 for the independents and minor parties to hold the balance of power -
Your 2012 vote is the key!

What’s even worse about this issue?

The unresolved issue has been exploited to help end sensitive rural anger at Labor’s controversial:

2007 Forced Council Amalgamations

2010 Forced QR Freight Sell-Off

2010 Health Pay Debacle

All in perfect timing for Kevin Rudd’s 2007 & Julia Gillard’s 2010 federal election wins - For full details

Next Controversy: Ergon/Energex Sell-Offs?

There’s nothing to prove the LNP won’t sell-off Ergon & Energex if they win the 2012 Queensland State Election in a landslide. (Fact: NSW Liberals Landslide Win = NSW Power Sell-Offs)

Help end the days of Daylight Saving in Southeast Queensland being politically exploited following unpopular sell-offs.


QUT Professor explains dismissal of trial is a mistake.
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His Stimulus Findings:
-Shops open longer
-More sport &
health benefits
-Makes people happier and more productive
-Reducing SEQ’s
alarming road toll
and pressure on the
health system

Queensland Daylight Saving Time

Daylight Saving News
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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

Your Right to Know Queensland's Daylight Saving Survey Results
2010 Get Involved Results
2007's Nielsen Report

Queensland Daylight Saving Time

Examine Our Impact Study Documents Showing Why South East Queensland is ideal for
Daylight Saving
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