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Rick Burnett on

and Daylight Saving
$aving Energy


Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Major News Announcement:


A Cairns-based news group and their journalists known as ‘The Daylight Times’ have put an offer forward to Daylight Saving SEQ making them the new team to provide you with informative daylight saving news via Facebook & Twitter.

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Daylight Times Special Investigation:

Campbell Newman says he doesn’t want to split the state, but he’s yet to be told what he really is costing the rest of Queensland by not getting the southeast’s daylight balance right.

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The Latest Television Report
from NBN News:

Cross Border Commissioner says Longitudinal Zones Could Give Daylight Saving “Latitude”

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QUT Professor explains dismissal of trial is a mistake.
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His Stimulus Findings:
-Shops open longer
-More sport &
health benefits
-Makes people happier and more productive
-Reducing SEQ’s
alarming road toll
and pressure on the
health system

Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

Your Right to Know Queensland's Daylight Saving Survey Results
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2007's Nielsen Report

Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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Daylight Saving
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Queensland Daylight Saving Time

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